Charleston Epicurean giveaway!

20140405-165511.jpg Our friends at Charleston Epicurean have started a Charleston food mail order company. Each month they will hand pick a handful of amazing locally produced Charleston items and mail them straight to your house. It is a great way to stay up on the hot new items as well as reconnecting with the best Charleston already has to offer. I am giving this month’s box away. To enter to win it you must follow us on Twitter or Instagram. On Twitter you can retweet our post about the giveaway. On Instagram you need to follow us and then tag 4 of your friends in the comment section of the giveaway post. You may enter once on Twitter and up to 10 times on Instagram as long as you tag different friends each time. Enjoy fellow foodies. >


Was actor Daniel Craig (James Bond, 007) in Charleston?

The Macintosh owner and staff went on social media this weekend to proclaim Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz ate brunch there. The posted order included a Bibb salad, an egg white omelet, and Huevous Rancheros. Despite all of the people and businesses in town proclaiming the power couple visited with them no good photos have been uncovered.


Top 7 habits for good time management in the computer age (just for fun)

Do you have the right habits to stay productive in the modern world of computers and smart phones?


#1) If gifs like this mesmerize you, stay off the internet.

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The top 10 most hated Southern foods

Take our quick survey below and let us know which ones you like or dislike! Click here to take the survey or click here to see the current results

most hated A
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Try before you die: Top 16 iconic Southern restaurants

This list contains the top 16 iconic restaurants in the Southern United States to try before you die. Did your favorite make the list? The only inclusion criteria was that the restaurant had to open for at least the past 30 years.

Top 16 Iconic Southern Restaurants
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The 7 biggest differences in old Charleston, SC vs new Charleston, SC


#1) Your thoughts on Upper King Street:

Old Charleston: How can I get out of here faster?



New Charleston: I can’t find parking spaces near my favorite new restaurants.


#2) Biggest decision of your weekend:

Old Charleston: How much beer should I take to Folly Beach?

beer on beach


New Charleston:  How am I going to hide all my beer on Folly Beach?


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Ho, Ho, Ho: Horrible Holiday Hors d’oeuvres


Nearly every holiday is associated with one or more foods traditionally served during the celebration. We have grilled hamburgers and hotdogs on the Fourth of July, Halloween candy, and perhaps the most prominent of all: turkey on Thanksgiving. For years now I’ve been lobbying for Tandoori chicken with curried rice to become the traditional meal of Columbus Day in honor of his intended destination, but with minimal success (please, write your Congressman). Yes, I’m a big fan of all these traditional festive feasts, with one exception. Culinarily speaking, I hate Christmas. Call me a Gourmet Grinch or the Scrooge of Seasonal Sustenance, but I just do not like any of the food and drinks that are unique to Christmas. Read the rest of this entry