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Topics include: Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen, The Obstinate Daughter‘s shrimp roll and frogmore stew, Charleston Wine and Food ticket launch, food trucks, Hello My Name is BBQ‘s pork sandwiches

Featuring Scott Wink of Charleston Food Bloggers and Ric Rush and TJ Phillips of the 103.5FM WEZL morning show.

Charleston Wine and Food ticket launch for March 2015

Head to on Tuesday August 26th, 2013 to see the ticket schedule for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival in March 2015. Then on Wednesday morning August 27th you can start buying tickets. There will be a ticket launch party the night of August 27th. It will feature some of Charleston’s top chefs paired with a local food truck.

If you want to win free tickets to the launch party and to the festival this year use hashtag #CHSWFX. Tag your pictures that feature a symbol “X”. This is the 10 year anniversary of the Charleston Wine and Food Festival and they are using the theme “X” Marks the Spot (Roman numeral for 10). They will be picking people on all social media platforms periodically between now and the festival that share the best representation of the X.


My best Charleston hipster pose

So you have all seen the big city New York and LA celebrities, fashion experts, and hipsters post pictures holding their favorite coffee on the streets of the cities they live in. The camera is looking down into their coffee and showing their fancy shoes….well here is how we take pictures of shoes on the streets in Charleston. I took this picture with a nice horse in downtown Charleston….it was too hot for coffee…maybe I should have had a sweet tea.

hipster charleston

Christophe Artisan Chocolatier in Charleston, SC

Located at 90 Society Street in downtown Charleston, Christophe Artisan Chocolatier has an amazing selections of coffee, sandwiches, and treats. They are most widely known for their hand painted truffle chocolates but the everyday beauty of this place is in the pastry, pies, drinks and sandwiches. It is one of the true hidden gems in town. I always use them to buy great gifts for friends and family too.

Check them out.


New weekly radio segment on 103.5FM WEZL in Charleston!

I’ll be joining the morning guys Ric and TJ on 103.5FM WEZL on Thursday mornings around 8AM talking about Charleston food! If you miss it I will try and post them as podcasts for you here on the website.



Can Uber help SAVE downtown Charleston from a midnight bar ordinance?

beer bottle

3 steps to prevent any new bar ordinances in Charleston, SC:

I have stayed out of the conversation about the proposed midnight bar ordinance Charleston has been considering recently. I thought there was no way they would seriously close the bars and restaurants at midnight. However after a few months of this idea being kicked around I dislike the new idea of a 3 year ban on new alcohol serving establishments even more. Here is a 3 step alternative approach:

#1) Build a few new parking garages for God’s sake. The days of parking on the empty streets surrounding upper King Street are gone. Tons of new businesses, workers, apartments, hotels, and customers have overwhelmed the area and if there were new parking structures near all the action everyone would be happy except for a few people who like to bitch about parking lots. Build one over in Avondale while you are at it Mayor Riley. All of this new life on upper King Street is exactly what everyone was hoping would happen and has invested in for the past 10 years. It is bringing tons of new tax revenue… let’s support it with a few new job creating and revenue making parking structures.

#2) Let Uber help! The taxi offerings in Charleston suck. It takes about an hour to get a cab in town most of the time and forget about getting one between 11PM -2AM. Uber is the perfect solution. Let a legion of Uber drivers come to life at 10PM and work for 4 hours to help transport people safely home. Instead of colluding with the insufficient current taxi industry, help revolutionize it. We could foster the creation of new income for the drivers and solve several of our cities problems at the same time.

#3) Change our police officers’ work schedules. The empty beer bottles on your sidewalk came from someone’s house party, not a bar or restaurant. Closing the bars at midnight or not opening new ones is going to cause more local residents and students to choose house parties over bars. Announce plans to enforce already on the books laws against drinking on the street, DUI, underage drinking, and noise ordinances. Seriously….for three nights a week for about 5 hours each have a few more cops patrolling the very small area that is downtown and enforce current laws. You don’t have to hire new people. It’s called a work schedule….juggle the schedule. It’s not that hard.

-Scott Wink


The most beers on tap on the East Coast now in Charleston

Craft Conundrum in Charleston, SC is now open and has over 150 American craft beers on tap.  The menu is a large folder full of information for you to seek out your favorites and discover new ones.  The owner, Richard Easterby, says he may have room to go up to 200 kegs in the future.  We only know of one other place in the US that has close to this many beers on tap and it is on the West Coast.  Richard limits his offering to American craft beer.  You can sit at the bar and have a drink or fill up a growler and take it home with you.  He also has a large selection of single bottled beers for you to purchase.  Swing in and say hi to Richard.  Good people, good beer.


Scott Wink


Charleston’s top 10 things to eat now: Summer 2014

chalkboard webpage


Charleston’s Required Summer Eating List 2014

Some of these are new restaurants or new menu items and a few of them are old favorites.

Either way there is about a month left in the summer and these are the best things in town and need to be on your summer required eating list.

They are in no particular order.

Eating > Reading



1) Boxcar Betty’s

1922 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407
(843) 225-7470

box car logo

box car

“The Boxcar”:

The Boxcar is a big piece of fried chicken with pimento cheese, peach slaw, and house-made pickles.

I have eaten a lot chicken sandwiches in my life and this one is absolutely one of my favorites….ever.


2) The Obstinate Daughter

2063 Middle St., Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
(843) 416-5020

obstinate daughter

shrimp roll

“Shrimp roll”:

I have always loved lobster rolls and this is a local variation on that.

Shrimp isn’t as delicate as lobster meat but you won’t be disappointed. It also comes with fried grit sticks.

The guys at The Obstinate Daughter do some amazing stuff. Put your dinner in the chef’s hands, sit back, and enjoy.


3) Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream:

501-A King Street Charleston, SC 29403

(843) 212-5113

jenis logo


“3 scoop cone”:

The flavor in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is intense. I was happily surprised at how much better their ice cream was than anyone else’s this side of Atlanta.

If you try it once you will instantly be a fan. I am.


4) Leon’s Oyster Shop:

698 King St, Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 531-6500


siam salad

“Siam Salad”:

This is the best salad in Charleston right now. It has napa cabbage, cilantro, mint, peanuts, and citrus.

There is good crunch and powerful flavor. Come for the salad….treat yourself with the raw oysters or hush puppies.


5) Husk

76 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 577-2500

husk sign


“Kentuckyaki pig ear lettuce wraps”:

Husk rotates it’s menu daily but this one is on heavy rotation.

It is a great example of the cuisine and innovation that Charleston’s most well known chef, Sean Brock, brings to town.

The quail, fried chicken, and yes even the cheeseburger are amazing backups if the pig ear is absent.







6) King of Pops

This is a small mobile freezer full of pops.  Look for the multicolored umbrella and the line of happy faces.

It is at various locations weekly including the Saturday Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square and can be found at some local supermarkets


Get……any flavor:

I never pass up an opportunity to enjoy a popsicle from these guys.

Their flavors rotate daily and they sell out of flavors fast. Don’t be upset if your flavor is gone, just try a new flavor.

This is the best way to beat the heat on a blazing hot Charleston day.


7) Hello My Name Is BBQ

616 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 937-9800

hello logo

hello bbq

“The Boss Hog”:

This is the best BBQ sandwich in Charleston. Beer braised pork with BBQ’ed bacon, jalapenos, tomato and slaw.

It is huge and you will finish every bit. They are only open for lunch or Saturday brunch.

Always try some of their fun flavored BBQ sauces and the mac n cheese….AWAYS.


8) The Ordinary

544 King St, Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 414-7060

the ordinary

oyster sliders

“Oyster sliders”:

The oyster sliders are so crunchy yet delicate.

They come on a sweet roll and will leave you wondering why you don’t eat these every week. You’ll want to.


9) The Park Café

730 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403
(843) 410-1070

herb farrotto

pickle plate

“Herb farratto or pickle plate”:

The Park Cafe near Hampton Park is fantastic. The food they plate up is so crisp and clean.

Their food reminds me a lot of the veg from FIG downtown….except 1/2 the price and time of service.


10) White Duck Taco Shop

792 Folly Road, James Island, SC 29412
(843) 640-3008

white duck taco shop
fish taco

“Fish tacos”:

The White Duck from Asheville now has a James Island location.

They are very similar to what Taco Boy does but about $1 less per taco and without waitresses so you can get in and out quicker.

I thought the fish tacos were the best thing there and I will definitely be back for more.



-Scott Wink


Now this is a great SIDE DISH PLATTER! @earlybirddiner w/collards, Mac, butter beans, okra and a biscuit…..mmmmm. I forgot how awesome this place was….will be back soon an often., Early Bird Diner

Photo taken at: Early Bird Diner

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Southern Charm’s Shep Rose opens a bar/restaurant in Charleston

Here is the menu at Shep Rose’s new bar and restaurant called The Palace Hotel.