The 8 Best New Eats In Charleston, SC For 2015

#1) Artisan Meat Share:

33 Spring Street, Charleston, SC 29403


The Cheeseburger

ams burger

2 patties, government cheese, shaved lettuce, onion, bacon jam, buttermilk roll

Also check out the Bun Mi w/pate, the Porchetta sandwich that includes pork cracklins, or the refrigerator full of fresh cured meats that Chef Craig Deihl and his crew fix up!


#2) Nana’s Seafood & Soul:

176 Line Street, Charleston, SC 29403

nanass3  nana's thumb

The Garlic Crab


**Disclaimer: Ok, so Nana’s is not newly opened….but it is NEW TO ME….and probably you.  It is one of the few soul food places left in Charleston.  I recommend it most for lunch/take-out/or delivery due to its limited seating.  The garlic crab is the coolest dish but bring a pair of crab claw crackers if you want to really dig in and call ahead because some days the crab nets might be empty (843) 937-0002 .  Other amazing dishes that frequent the menu is the oxtail, garlic clams, garlic shrimp, BBQ pig feet, fried turkey wings, and the various purloos.   THEY ALSO DELIVER but call well in advance as this service can be limited.  Click on the small menu above to view it in full size.  This is the most adventurous pick on the list.


#3) Minero:

155 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Minero logo A

The Charcoaled Chicken Tacos

Charcoaled chicken taco A


Like most of what Charleston’s totem Chef Sean Brock does, the magic is in the details.  Following the success of McCrady’s and Husk Chef Brock is bringing some authentic Mexican flavors to Charleston.  The charcoaled chicken taco is great and sure to please everyone at your table.  The chicken in this taco is all dark meat that has been brined for 48-72 hours then grilled over charcoal.  It is usually then vacuum sealed to lock in that smokey charcoal flavor deep down inside.  The taco is then topped with unripe mango, cotija, lime pickled red onion, pasilla de Oaxaca….. $3 each. BAM.


#4) Tavern and Table:

100 Church Street, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

taven and table 1

The Chimichurri Steak Salad

tavern and table

Look at how beautiful this salad is and it tastes great. Chimichurri Steak Salad with pearl couscous, charred sweet corn, sour cherries, toasted pumpkin
seeds, oven roasted tomatoes, arugula, basil buttermilk dressing.  Add to it the fact that it sits on beautiful Shem Creek with many of the best seats located on the wood deck overlooking the shrimp boats and passing dolphins and you have one of the most delicious and scenic dinning experiences on the east coast. Period.

#5) The Americano:

819 Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

The americano 1

The Cubano Americano


The food and vibe of The Americano is so light and fun.   The dishes have influences of Cuban and other Caribbean dishes with some small twists.  Go there, have one of their playful cocktails like the Mexican Mule or the Hemingway Daiquiri and enjoy life. The Cubano Americano has roasted pork, chipotle black beans, pickled red onion, chihuahua cheese, mustard bbq, & avocado.



#6) Diggity Doughnuts:

616 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29403

diggity doughnuts logo

The Nutty Rooster

diggity doughnuts

The Nutty Rooster is a creamy peanut butter and Sriracha hot sauce doughnut.  Don’t let the flavors confuse you. It is AMAZING.  This vegan doughnut food truck now has a brick and mortar location.  Now all of Diggity Doughnuts’ fans have a consistent place to get their favorite flavors in addition to the Nutty Rooster like:

casper – classical sugar glaze AKA white icing*
old skool – yummy chocolate frosting*
summer blues – fresh blueberries, lemon juice and zest*
peppy pappy – chocolate frosting, mint and pretzel bits
red sangria – cabernet, orange, lemon and lime
pina colada – crushed pineapple and coconut bits
cappuccino – dark roast coffee and coconut creamer*
cinnamon & sugar – organic cane sugar and Saigon cinnamon
bumble bee – dark chocolate striped with lemon glaze
key lime pie – tart key lime glaze, crushed graham crackers*
fresh blueberry – yes
fresh raspberry- yes
nutty rooster – creamy peanut butter & Sriracha hot sauce (has been featured on FOOD NETWORK) spicy
green dragon – coconut bits with green curry spicy
starla – strawberry and jalapeno mild
margarita – lime, tequila, rock salt
minty mojito – fresh lime, mint
the italian – fresh lemon juice and basil
salty spud – chocolate frosting with crushed potato chips*
frenchie – organic maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
sweet tart – tamarind
gingerbread – local ginger and organic molasses
sweetish swedish – lingonberry – it’s DELICIOUS
champagne julep – champagne and fresh mint
apple jax – granny smith and cinnamon
cookie mintster – chocolate frosting, crushed chocolate mint cookies
razzle dazzle – crushed raspberries and champagne*



#7) The Daily:

652 King St, Charleston, SC 29403

the daily logo charleston A

The Country Ham Breakfast Sandwich

the daily breakfast sandwich A

This small place puts out some big flavor.  They do mainly take out but do have about a dozen seats to sit and enjoy your items.  I recommend you go and try the breakfast sandwich with country ham: English muffin, bacon, smoked onion jam, pimento cheese and a fried egg.  As you wait on the sandwich wander around and check out their other items like fresh juices and biscuits.



#8) Carmella’s Cafe & Dessert Bar:

198 East Bay Street #100, Charleston, SC 29401

carmellas logo

The Peanut Butter Explosion

carmellas peanut butter explosion

This new cafe and dessert bar is right on East Bay St across from several of the east coast’s top restaurants. It is a perfect way to end a night….have a drink or treat. You pick.  The peanut butter explosion is a slam dunk way to go but you always have to try one of their ever changing special treats too.



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Bill Murray with The Peanut Dude

One of my favorite photos from 2014 has to be the time Bill Murray was with The Peanut Dude. The Peanut Dude is a mobile food vendor that is typically parked in Mount Pleasant, SC on Coleman Blvd next to GDC.  This photo says so much about Charleston to me.  It shows entrepreneurism, music, peanuts, the SC flag pattern, ocean vibes…… and Bill Murray.

Bill, we need to catch up again and have dinner. Call me.



Here is your guide to a few of the best and worst deals of Charleston Restaurant Week, Jan 2015

Charleston Restaurant “Week” is here….again.  Jan 7th-18th about 150 Charleston restaurants will feature a special set menu.  Charleston Restaurant Week (CRW) has evolved quite a bit in recent years. Below are a few examples of the best and worst deals of CRW. This should caution you to choose your restaurant and food items wisely.  Just a few of the possible choices on these menus could actually be more expensive than just ordering them off the menu and most of them include a dessert as one of the courses. Send us your feedback from  your experiences this year by tagging us in your food photos on Instagram or Twitter (#charlestonfoodbloggers). Make sure you do your research this year so can be sure you are getting a good deal.

Charleston Restaurant Week:

CRW chart

Click here to see all of the offerings for Charleston Restaurant Week Jan 7-18



The Granary ~$55 for $40

I love this offering.  This is also happens to be one of the best places to eat in Mt Pleasant.  If you don’t go for CWR be sure to try it soon.  $40 for a butcher plate, lamb bolognese, a New York Strip, and a dessert.  I would estimate this to be a $55 value for $40.



The Gin Joint ~$16 for $10

The only trouble with the Gin Joint is that it can fill up very fast.  I recommend this menu and suggest you try to get there just shortly after they open at 5PM.  The bar tenders serve serious drinks and the food is always nice.  I value this offering at ~$16 for the price of $10.


CWR good 2


Fish ~ $42 for $30

Fish was one of the first new upscale restaurants to the Upper King area.  They have a beautiful location and this menu is expansive, delicious, and flexible.  There is value……when was the last time you went here? You need to head on back!

CRW Fish 1


CRW Fish 2


CO  ~$29 for $20

If you wanted an international restaurant to try during CRW I recommend CO.  There is great value and the food quality and flavor have ALWAYS been great when I eat there.  It is the middle of the King Street and remember if it looks crowded there is a community table in the back area downstairs, a bar area, and some upstairs tables.





Hyman’s!!! ~$47 for $25

Yes, I said it. Hyman’s Seafood which is typically overrated nationally and underrated locally is doing CWR right!  They may have the best value of this CWR.  I estimate this offering to be $47 worth of food for $25 when you factor in the free glass of wine.

CWR good 3




Jasmine Porch ~$23 for $20


Lunch is typically a great time of day to get a lot of value at restaurants.  Places typically serve the same food as dinner but at ~25% lower prices.  I was excited to see Jasmine Porch on the lunch list until I saw the offereing.  That is about a $23 offering for $20 and only at lunch….not too exciting. They need to try harder especially considering the distance.


CWR bad 2




Katsu has a range of ~$17 for $20  up to $32 for $20

If you play your cards wrong (fountain drink, edamame, and the fish dinner) on this one you could actually overpay. .  The winning combo here would be a glass of wine, some wontons, and the steak and shrimp.  The value of a fountain drink is so small they should never be an option on the CWR menu.





39 Rue de Jean ~$38-44 for $40

I love eating at Rue de Jean.  They serve some great food……however I rarely spend $40 when I eat there.  I can typically get two of my favorite menu items and be full for under $20.  This would just be too much and not much value. I value these meals to be about $44 regular price for $40.  So I’d save $4 but have to spend twice as much as I usually do.  This one is not good for me personally but again I do love eating here…..maybe at $30 I give it a try.


CWR bad 3


Click here to see all of the other offerings for Charleston Restaurant Week Jan 7-18

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CRW cover 1



North American food award nominees announced by

Note that Charleston is up for 2 awards: Husk in the burger category and Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts in the bakery category.

This year will be announcing the winners of it’s North American “Tastiest Fast Feasts” awards in New Orleans, LA on Saturday Jan 10th, 2015.  A fast feast does not mean fast food but rather food is easily approachable and familiar but that has been prepared from high quality ingredients. For instance in the burger category you won’t find any chain restaurants but rather Chef Sean Brock’s Husk in Charleston, SC or Chef Linton Hopkin’s Holeman and Finch Public House in Atlanta, GA.  The awards are divided into several categories including: Sandwich, Pizza, Asian, Burgers, Latin, BBQ, Pasta, and Bakery.  The nominees were recently announced on’s website and were chosen by a group of high profile food bloggers from cities around the continent.  These food bloggers are referred to by Chowzter as “Chief Chowzters”. It is their job to update the top 7 dishes from their respective cities.  ( Click here to see my list of top fast feasts in Charleston ) If you have suggestions Chowzter also has a mobile app that allows you to add your favorite food items from for any city in the world and help get them noticed.  I also like to use Chowzter when traveling. It is a good way to see what dishes local foodies enjoy and provides links to that food bloggers’ social media so you can contact with any other questions you may have.  I have enjoyed being Charleston, SC’s Chief Chowzter and I look forward to attending the award ceremony to be held at Commander’s Palace.


chowzter awards

Charleston: Top 15 things to do 2015


Consistently ranked the #1 place in the world/US to visit I have compiled a modern list of things to eat, places to visit, and activities to do for the modern traveler and resident….enjoy.

Click here to see the list starting at#15





Top 15 things to do in Charleston during 2015, #15

Charleston, SC: Top 15 things to do in 2015


#15) Visit Washington Square

This small green space on the north side of Broad Street features a mini version of the Washington Monument as well as a statue of our first President George Washington.  This is a little known spot that I just love.  Great for a quick picnic too.






Top 15 things to do in Charleston during 2015, #14

Charleston, SC: Top 15 things to do in 2015



 #14) Go to happy hour

There are a ton of great places for a nice after happy hour with your friends or coworkers.  A few of my favorites right now are Tavern and Table (on Shem Creek!), The Obstinate Daughter (Sullivan’s Island), Leon’s Oyster Shop (King St) or Big Belly Kitchen and Tap House (James Island)




Top 15 things to do in Charleston during 2015, #13

Charleston, SC: Top 15 things to do in 2015




#13) Watch a baby sea turtle nest hatch

Every year about a hundred locals religiously walk up and down the beach each day to find and document new sea turtle nests.  The nests are typically dug up and relocated into a safe place in the nearby dunes and marked.  Those same volunteers monitor the nests until they hatch.  After the initial hatching of the turtles, which usually happens at night, the nests are dug up and the eggs are counted. Inevitably there are a few baby turtles that got stuck down in the sand and the trained volunteers collect those turtles and release them into the oncoming waves with much fan fair.  If you want your kids to see this you can contact the Isle Turtle Team to be put on the email list for the dates and times of these events.





Top 15 things to do in Charleston during 2015, #12

Charleston, SC: Top 15 things to do in 2015





 #12) Laugh more

Sometimes I think Charleston takes itself too seriously.  This is going to be a good year to shake that off.

*Charleston native Steven Colbert is taking over for David Letterman,

*Bill F-ing Murray lives here

*Ric and TJ, the morning guys on WEZL 103.5FM in Charleston, continue to crack me up…also check out my weekly food segment with them typically Thursday ~8:30AM (sample)

*The Have Nots at Theater 99 continue to host year round comedy,

*Southern Charm is set for season 2 (follow Shep Rose)

*Follow @Charlestonion for great local fun tweets

Lets have fun.









Top 15 things to do in Charleston during 2015, #11

Charleston, SC: Top 15 things to do in 2015



#11) Go to a free “Instameet”

Organized by Instagram user: @mnswick these events are focused on meeting local Instagram users and walking around a certain area of town in a group.  The groups typically talk about the history of the neighborhoods and look for unique architectural and cultural things to photo during the walk. Participant then upload their favorite photos to Instagram using the hashtag #instameetCHS.  Follow @mnswick on Instagram for the announcements of future dates or search the hashtag.